Safety Protocols


Please screen your child for the current listed symptoms as provided by the CDC. If your child has a fever, uncontrolled cough, or multiple other symptoms (ie: runny nose and sore throat), please keep them home and call us to report the absence. Please be cautious and respectful of our staff and other customers and keep your child home if they are unwell. Make-ups will be provided for you if you let us know ahead of class time that they will be absent.



There is VERY limited seating in our lobby areas and only 1 person is allowed to view class per family. No siblings are allowed unless they are taking class the same day around the same time as their sibling.


Please make sure your child is ready to go right into class. Please try to have them change into their leotard, hair pulled back away from their face, etc. prior to arriving at the gym. All belongings must fit into a cubby so please try to limit the amount of things brought inside the gym to just shoes, water bottle, dance/team bag and coat. 


Drop Off: 

When you arrive at River City Gymnastics & Cheer, please park in a parking spot and walk your child that is in class up to the front door. Please do not walk up more than 5 minutes prior to the start of class as we will be escorting students to the pick up area, and may not be available right away. A staff member will then greet you. If your child is able to walk to their class on their own, they will do so. If an adult/caregiver needs to walk INTO the building they will need to complete our adult/caregiver sign in available on our website (coming soon).

Pick Up: 

Pick up will be on the West side of the building. You won't be able to enter from the mall.


Students will receive hand sanitizer at the door AND also once they have put their belongings away in the cubbies prior to class starting. 

Staff will be cleaning props/small mats after each group has used the equipment. 


  • If any staff or child were to get sick (vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc.) while in class, that class MAY be asked to leave for the evening due to cleaning protocol. Based on the amount of class time attended, a make-up may/may not be provided. Please keep our phone number 605-201-9058 stored in any case that the kids need to leave class. 

  • If a positive case of COVID-19 has been in our gym (staff, student, parent), the Yankton County Health Department may contact you. No information regarding the person's identification will be provided. RCG will follow up with you if needed.

In these uncertain and cautious times, if a staff member is absent and we are unable to find a sub for the class, the class may get rescheduled. You will be notified by phone and by email in this case. 


You must be actively enrolled in classes in order to use your make-ups. We will NOT be overbooking classes this year due to our 25% capacity limits. Only classes that are not currently full will be allowed to have make-ups in them. As a reminder our competitive teams do not receive make-ups. 


Our front desk staff will be assisting with check in and drop off and may not be available at certain times of the day. Please call us or email with any front desk questions you have such as payment updates, absences, make-ups, etc.